Mature and as Real as Real gets, My ride or die, my nigga,

Flatbush ZOMBiES - Bliss (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
"Put a xan in my drink then I melt it"

Her Clit was pierced breh

I never got to make Lizzy her CD. That’s one thing I miss is our music preference. I wish we could be just friends and talk about music. But knowing me I couldn’t. =(

7 years of growing my hair out and not getting anything done with it (except trims) has gotten me here. I feel like its time for some changes! I’m going to get it dyed and layered on Saturday. While I’m somewhat nervous about it, mostly because I haven’t touched it in years, I’m also very excited✨. #timesarechanging



The saddest things in the world:

-people forgotten on their birthdays
-old people eating alone
-animals left behind by their humans

but if you combine the three you’d have one kickass disney movie

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Its Official now,

"Napoleon Dynamite" is my Favorite movie of all time…

It beat that 80’s Burt Reynolds flick “Cop and a Half” by 2 % on my voting scale.

dmub: Do you accept Monopoly money


hey i remember u, you said u loved me n stuff. so heres the deal, this girl over the internet broke my heart n stuff, and like idk, i need a new girl to obsess over, it requires daily conversations with me over skype where i talk about myself and things i like, and what i had for lunch or what id like for lunch, you laughing at my dumb jokes, and idk, if things get intense we can watch movies over Netflix or something. Like we both press play at the same time. Also, I’ll make you mix cds, then call you and talk to you about the mix for about 30mins to an hour. Then idk you can get sick of me and also break my heart, and i can like make long rambling posts about you and how im depressed over it. and you can like make fun of me on your blog and do posts about me and what a nerd i am. Does that sound ok? message me back if youre into it.

Is This Not How all My Relationships Start?!?!?!?!?!

damn yo THIS IS PERFECT HAHA man… sounds like me

In That Moment all You wanted was The sex, So I don’t wanna hear it when your heir bouta Text

Robb Bank$